A Hymn from the past that is timeless


"The Lord Jesus helping St. Peter"

When Peter needed help Jesus was there for him. The same happens to us: When we are in need, Jesus is there for us

“FIGHTING the battle of life-
With a weary heart and head,
For ín the midst of the strife
The banners of joy are fled !
Fled —and gone out of sight—
When I thought they were so near,
And the murmur of hope this night
Is dying away on mine ear.

“Fighting alone to-night—
With not even a stander-by
To cheer me on in the fight,
Or to hear me when I cry:
Only the Lord can hear,  
Only the Lord can see,
The struggle within, how dark and derar,
Though quiet the outside be.

“Lord, I would fain be still
And quiet, behind my shield;
But make me to know Thy will,
For fear I Should ever yield.
Even as now my hands,
So doth my folded will,
Lie waiting my commands
Without one anxious thrill.

” But as with sudden pain
My hands unfold and clasp,
So doth my will stand up again
And taketh its old firm grasp.
Nothing but perfect trust,
And love of Thy perfect will,
Can raise me out of the dust,
And bid my fears lie still.

” O Lord, Thou hidest Thy face,
And the battle clouds prevail!
Oh, grant me Thy sweet grace
That I may not utterly fail!
Fighting alone to-night,
With what a beating heart ;
Lord Jesus, in the fight
Oh stand not Thou apart! “

Hymn of the 14th Century.

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