What is this Blog all about? Well it is a humble project to place Truth in its rightful place. This is the intention, even if we are well aware that this is a time of relativism. But in a certain sense relativism has always existed. And Truth has survived all attempts to shut it down.

As humankind’s state is a fallen one from our forefather’s original sin, defying the Divine design for Creation and in doing so breaking with God, there are limitations for a person to reach the Truth.

Humankind failed in our ancestors. And since then many things have happened. The help of revealed Truth to reason is of enormous importance. The supreme Truth is that which is based and referred to a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality.

"All humanity sinned in our forefathers"
When Adam and Eve sinned and defied God’s design of Love for the human person, in their Fall they brought with them all of humanity.

We will try to explore different approaches to Truth, hopping that the climate this page will generate is one of respectful dialog.


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  1. God’s perspective, the creation which is “very good”, we are not sinners nor corrupt, when I found and researched Deism life made more sense. GOD did create us to a corrupt world..

    Can you imagine Saint Thomas engaging in a private debate with Flew the Deist.
    I have discovered every profit that sees God including Jesus was a Deist including….
    Leo Tolstoy (1828 – 1910)

    1. Sorry to differ, Cindy. God is GOOD, so he can only create good realities. God can not create bad things. So he created a beautifoul world, and created man good. But, alas! He gave Humankind liberty so that men and women could participate in a relation of love with God. Wrongly using that liberty Eve and Adam rejected God’s order and sinned: choose wrongly. The consecuences of that first sin, with all others added along centuries have an impact in man and the world. Throug sin evil entered in the world.

      This is not only a very rational explanation, which deism does not have. It is also the Truth, the whole truth. The beautiful Genesis storys are not only that, but they pryect a truth greater than man so the whole humankind can understand it.

      “Materialism denies the existence of God, while deism maintains that God is not at all concerned with the world he has created, though admitting the existence of God and the creation of the world. It is precisely the doctrine of deism that directly attacks the truth about divine Providence.” Taught Pope John Paul II. And he continues to say: “The separation of the work of creation from divine Providence, typical of deism, and still more the total negation of God proper to materialism, open the way to materialistic determinism, to which mankind and human history are completely subordinated. Theoretical materialism is transformed into historical materialism. In this context, the truth about the existence of God, and in particular about divine Providence, constitutes the fundamental and definitive guarantee of man and of his liberty in the cosmos.” (May 7, 1986)

      And to say that Lord Jesus “is a deist” contradicts every thing we know about Him. In other words, it is not truth.


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